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How to contact Harsh Wardhan

Harsh Wardhan

Block B - 836 Palam Vihar

Gurgaon - 122017


Mobile : +91 8882211799

Mobile : +91 8882211999

Phone : +91 12 42460876

Email :

(South Delhi)

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Bansuri Academy

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Christophe BARATAY

Bretagne - France

Phone : 0033 6 711 888 99

Email :

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You are welcome to contact Harsh Wardhan’s representative in Europe

Bansuri workshops with Harsh Wardhan near the coast in Brittany

Map of Gurgaon, South Delhi. Arrow indicates Harsh Wardhan’s home. Fly to  28 30'18.12 N, 77 01'56.70 E  with Google Earth