Harsh Wardhan, a great master of Hindustani Classical Music, is also a dedicated and tireless teacher. He has a deep understanding of ragas, their structures, variations, and their effect on the human psyche. He learnt music and bansuri from renowned masters such as Shri Prakash Saxena, Shri Prakash Wadhera, Pt. V.C Maudgalya, Shri Vasant Thakar, and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. With his intense practice of bansuri, and his interest and respect for hindustani music and raga tradition, along with a very good sense of pedagogy, he delves deep in his music and teaching the best of this art. His complete control and mastery over his instrument, combined with an acute sense of Raga and Laya enables him to express virtuosity and emotions in his music.

A life dedicated to hindustani music

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Raga Pilu

Ustad Faiyyaz Khan plays tabla


He is a regular performer at the All India Radio and Doordashan TV, and he tours for several weeks each year in Europe,  performing concerts and teaching his many students in France, Belgium, Switzerland.