Prabhu EDOUARD is a tabla player from South India. He lives in Paris. He is a skilled disciple of Pandit Shankar Ghosh with whom he studied in Calcutta during several years. He has been granted by the indian government two times.

This talented musician has played with well known indian musicians such as : Pt. V.G. Jog (Hindoustani violin), Pt. T.Viswanathan (Karnatique flute), Pt. Suloshana Brihaspathi (Khyal song), Ustad Sabri Khan (Sârangui), Smt. Purnima Sen (Khyal song), Pt. Girdari Lal Maharaj (Kathak dance), Shri Barun Kumar Pal (Hindustani guitar), Shri Kushal Das (Sitar).

Prabhu EDOUARD, Tabla player

With his expressive sense of rythm and his openness to musical experiment, Prabhu has played and recorded with several jazz musicians. Among them, we can find: Dave Liebman, Marc Ducret, Chris Ewart, Nicolas Genest, Ravi Magnifique, Ali Delfaut, Magic Malick.

His interest for the artistic innovation led him to collaborate with personalities like: Maurice Béjart, Jean Pierre Drouet, JC Paré (contemporary dancer), Astad Debu (contemporary indian dancer).

Artist found of intercultural meeting, Prabhu has created in 1997 the percussion orchestra "Dhwani". This orchestra gathers percussionnists from different countries, communicating together with the rythm language.

Contact in France :

Mobile phone: 06 87 64 55 18

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