Bansuri flute in India

Bansuri is perhaps the oldest musical instrument of India; it is a side-blown flute made of natural bamboo or reed with six or seven-holes. The bansuri is associated with the Hindu God, Krishna, who is often depicted playing it. Bansuri is mentioned in the Vedas and is also depicted in the ancient Buddhist art.  Although bansuri is among the most ancient musical instruments of India, its status as a concert instrument for North Indian Classical music is a relatively recent phenomenon. This favorite instrument of shepherds and folk musicians for thousands of years was brought into the fold of Hindustani classical music by the legendary maestro, the late Pandit Pannalal Ghosh.

Bansuri - The bamboo flute

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Bansuri crafting

Crafting a bansuri requires a lot of patience, a perfect sense of hearing and a deep musical knowledge, because the flute must be tuned to perfection. The bamboo itself needs to be selected with care for its quality and beauty, and must be seasonned correctly before being crafted into a flute.

Harsh Wardhan can provide you bansuri of any pitch, from A natural bass to D sharp high. Crafted with a lot of care and tuned to perfection, these bansuris are appreciated by all the great flautists such as Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia for Hindustani music, or for Bollywood film music.

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